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So, uh, hi guys, it's me, your absent mod. This place has pretty much died a death. *checks last post* Wow, over a year I've left this place to decompose. I'm probably not going to start this place, but I can't quite bring myself to delete it, either.

To that end, there's a new general Stargate icontest around now - stargate_stills - for all your challenge needs. If you're still interested in making SG icons, I suggest you join up there.

Bye for another year?
Iron Man: Pepper/Tony

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I'm afraid I had to disqualify jacksrubberduck from this LIMS.

1 2 3
4 5 6

Please vote for your ONE least favourite icon, and please give a reason, i.e. over-sharpened, under-sharpened, blurry etc.

Also, please vote for your ONE favourite icon. You don't have to give a reason, but it would be nice if you did.

Deadline Saturday 9th.
Iron Man: Pepper/Tony

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Okay, so I've been remiss with my mod duties -- my laziness factor has been turned up to eleven (this is still teenmisfituk, btw, just under a new name). I couldn't help but notice that this place is kind of dead, along with my other comm, sg_inanimate *joinjoinjoin*, so I'm on a little fact-finding mission.

Poll #939442 Anybody home?

Do you regularly check this community? Is it on your friends page?

I check it regularly, it's on my friends page.
I check it regularly, but it's not on my friends page.
I don't check it regularly, but it's on my friends page.
I don't check it regularly and it's not on my friends page.

For those not entering challenges, why?

Hey, I'm just a spectator.
I'm snowed under with school/work/family/taking over the universe.
I've lost my icon mojo.
I'm less interested in Stargate than I used to be.
The challenges don't inspire me. (Ideas?)

Also, a little house-keeping. jacksrubberduck, I really need your entry for the LIMS so I can post the voting. You've till Tuesday 6th.

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There's still Challenge 61 for anyone's who's interested. *looks hopeful*